OPEN DIARY; entry 1.

1:59am…here in Atl…. just listened to Kendrick’s new surprise album. fkn dope. i love the creatives, man. i just feel like writing, vibing out. the past few months have been insane, to say the least. probably about 5 people know what’s been going on. soon all will know. i’ve always battled on what to share and what not to share, which i find somewhat crazy because when it comes to my music, i feel like i’ve been holding back. when you have time to sit back and analyze things, you see what’s really good. i’ve had a wall up… thinking that i needed to be perfect…. but man, perfect is boring. i finally realized where the idea of needing to be perfect came from and i had to shut it down quickly. trying to be perfect does nothing but blocks others from seeing the real you, the amazing YOU, the imperfectly, perfect you! that moment when you decide that you don’t care what others think, and you just do YOU, is probably one of the best moments in life you will ever have. i had a habit of seeking approval from others, and needing to get validation from others that what i was doing was good, before i made a move… MISTAKE. but those are made so you can learn from them and become a better person….. now….. i know it’s easier said than done. but sometimes you just gotta do it. it’s either make a change, or nothing will change. i’m at the point where i’m honestly ready to be more vulnerable in every aspect. i used to think that showing emotion was a sign of weakness, but being vulnerable is actually one of the strongest things you can do. it means you are comfortable in who you are, in what you believe, you’re confident in your talent, in what you do, etc. i had to learn the hard way…. time & time again, but i think i finally learned the lesson this time.

i know many of you keep asking whats going on with new music… I will update you soon…. thank you for being so patient, i love you guys so much!!! 

xoxoxoxox, AD.